Cook's Assistant


  • None.

Required Items

  • 1 extra fine flour.

  • 1 top quality milk.

  • 1 super large egg.


  • 1 Quest Point.

  • 20 Sardines.

  • 500 Coins.

  • 300 Cooking XP.

  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys.

  • The ability to use the Cooks high-quality range.


1. To start the Quest, talk to the Cook located in Lumbridge Castle.

Cook's Assistant Quest start

2. Head to each of the marked locations on the map below to collect the required items.

The wheat can be made at the Mill to the North, the egg at Fred the Farmer's farm and the milk from the Prized dairy cow behind the Mill.

Cook's Assistant item locations

3. Once you've collected all the items, bring them back to Lumbridge and talk to the Cook.

Congratulations, Quest complete!

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