Pirate's Treasure


  • None.

Required Items

  • 60 Coins.

  • 1 White Apron.

  • 1 Spade.


  • 2 Quest Points.

  • One-Eyed Hector's Treasure.

Quest Guide

1. Talk to Redbeard Frank who can be found on the Northern part of Port Sarim, next to the bar. Tell him you’re looking for buried treasure and he will agree to tell you where some treasure is in return for a bottle of Karamjan Rum.

Cook's Assistant Quest start

2. Head South along the docks until you see some men wearing blue. Pay one of them 30 Coins and travel to Karamja.

Cook's Assistant item locations

3. Once you arrive at Karamja, head over to the bar and buy a bottle of Karamjan Rum from Zambo for 30 Coins.

4. Now you need to find a way to smuggle the Rum back to Port Sarim. Head over to the house in the North-East and talk to Luthas. Ask him about the customs officer and he’ll tell you that she doesn’t check the crates of bananas that get sent to Wydin’s food shop in Port Sarim.

5. Talk to Luthas again and ask him to employ you. He’ll give you a job and pay you 30 Coins once completed. Go the the banana plantation in the West and collect 10 Bananas.

6. Once you have collected 10 Bananas go to the crate just outside Luthas house and fill it with the Bananas. Next, use your Karamjan Rum on the crate to hide it among the Bananas. Talk to Luthas and he will pay you 30 Coins.

7. Head back to the dock and talk with the customs officer to travel back to Port Sarim. Once back at the Port, go to Wydin’s food shop to the South-West. Equip your White Apron and ask him for a job. He will hire you and ask you to tidy up the back room. Enter the back room and search the crate with the Banana on top to find the bottle of Rum.

8. Go back to Redbeard Frank and give him the Rum. Redbeard Frank will then give you a chest key which unlocks a chest in his former Captain’s room in the Blue Moon Inn located in Varrock.

9. Head to the Inn which is located just North of Varrock’s lodestone and go upstairs. The chest can be found in the South-West room. Open the chest to find a message which reads “Visit the city of the White Knights. In the park, Saradomin points to the X which marks the spot”.

10. Travel to Falador and head to the park in the Northern part of the city. FInd the statue of Saradomin and walk into the middle of the pathway in front of the statue and use your spade to dig and find One-Eyed Hector’s Treasure chest.


WARNING: A gardener may attack you so either kill them or avoid them.

Quest complete!

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