Treasure Trails

Treasure Tails, more commonly known as clue scrolls, is a Members only Distraction & Diversion. Completing clue scroll gives you a variety of rewards depending on the difficulty of the completed clue scroll.

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Clue Scroll Answers

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Anagram Clues


Challenge Clues

Bookcases in Varrock Palace library.

1. Q: How many bookcases are there in Varrock Palace library?

   A: 24.

East Ardougne Guardhouse Crates


Riddle / Search Clues

Clue: Search the crates in the guardhouse of the northern gate of East Ardougne.

Place: In the building just east of the northern Ardougne entrance, south of the Loadstone.

East Ardougne Guardhouse Crates

Map Clues

Chaos Alter Map Clue

Chaos Alter Map Clue

Just behind the Chaos Alter, North of the Observitory.

Between Rellekka & Camelot Map Clue

Between Rellekka & Camelot

Just off the road walking to Rellekka from Camelot. Just south of the Musician on a Fern.

Lighthouse Crystal Tree Map Clue

Lighthouse Crystal Tree

Between the Lighthouse and Rellekka. At the end of the path next to the Crystal Tree.


Coordinate Clues


00 degrees 31 minutes South

17 degrees 43 minutes east

Location: South of Port Sarim (just South of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon entrance).

Asgarnian Ice Dungeon coordinate clue

Emote Clues

Jig by the Fishing Guild  - Emote Clue

Jig by the Fishing Guild

Equip the following items and perform a jig next to the entrance of the Fishing Guild:

  • Emerald ring

  • Sapphire amulet

  • Bronze chainbody

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